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Our mission is to make shift work easier for you, your coworker’s, and your family by facilitating and encouraging shift swaps.


Shift Swaps
… just got easier!

When we signed up for this line of work we knew we would be making sacrifices. Just how much of a toll shift work has on our lives and our families varies from officer to officer.

In my 19 years of service to public safety I can’t remember how many holidays, family functions, and social events I have missed. I try not to think about it. But when I see family photos and I’m not in them I can’t help but to wonder what I did at work that day. Was it worth missing my child’s birthday party? I can still hear my mother, my child’s grandmother say, “the best present is being present.” This was the inspiration behind ShiftSwap.me

Now, I’m no Mark Zuckerberg but I’ve had the web design bug since the 1990’s. During the 2000s, or whatever we call that decade, I had worked Monday through Friday at a number of headquarters assignments.

In 2014 I became a watch sergeant in Vacaville, working shifts, filling jobs, and reviewing, approving, and processing shift swaps.

I admit, it was culture shock for my family and I to get used to shift work once again. But that’s just what I needed to find my passion of making shift work easier for my coworkers and myself.

I decided to develop this mobile friendly website… ShiftSwap.me

This website functions as a social networking site and calendar for staff only. When you need a shiftswap, you can post the title of the post you’re looking to swap, date, watch, and your assigned institution as the location.

Selecting the location is key to having the shift swap appear in a specific institution swap bulletin.

Upon registering, you will be e-mailed instructions on how to verify your employment. No account will be approved without such verification. I’m sure you can understand why we need to be strict about ensuring that everyone on this site is a verified staff member. This is not a government site. So please allow up to 24 hours to approve your membership.

I hope this website brings value to you, your co-workers, and your family.

Best wishes.

B. Arriaga